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Computer screens, several envelops and other icons showing the importance of e-mail marketing

ShopizioSupport Takes Pride In Being The Best E-mail Marketing Company in Kolkata

Finding an e-mail marketing company that fulfills all your need is a bit difficult, but not anymore! Because you are in the right place! ShopizioSupport, with years of hard work and dedication, has emerged as the best e-mail marketing company in Kolkata.

Computer and phone screen showing several yellow envelop getting out of computer screen
Easy reach with e-mail marketing

Our expert team always aims at triggering bigger sales with their unmatchable e-mail marketing services. We have HubSpot certified e-mail marketers who help in every step of e-mail marketing.

When we think of future proofing our digital marketing strategies, e-mail marketing always top of the list. We believe e-mail marketing will play a vital role in marketing automation.

We have all the necessary tools and software required for efficient e-mail marketing. Our unique approach and state of the art services have earned us the position of the best e-mail marketing company in Kolkata. Recently, we have also achieved the feat of the best SMS blast company in Kolkata.

If recent reports are to be believed, e-mail marketing has emerged as one of the best ways to promote a business online. You can target different social media groups easily through strategized e-mail marketing campaigns.

Our expert inbound marketers believe e-mail marketing is the most effective medium for generating revenue (B2B). That’s why we always implement effective e-mail marketing strategies for all our clients. Our goal is to multiply the brand awareness and reach of your products/ services.

You must be aware of the famous saying “content is the king!” Our?dedicated content writers and inbound marketers who always formulate exciting e-mails for your target audience. We believe it will increase your organic traffic and sales as a whole in the long run.

We bet no other e-mail marketing company in Kolkata or SMS campaigning company in Kolkata provides such an extensive range of affordable e-mail marketing services that we have on offer.


How Can E-Mail Marketing Help Your Business?

A computer screen showing several message envelops with one new message
Benefits of e-mail marketing

As the best e-mail marketing company in Kolkata, we believe e-mail marketing is vital for your business.

Here’s why we think it can take your business to the next level –

So if you are wondering “which is the best e-mail marketing company near me” – you are in the right place! We are here at your service.


What Are Our Core Areas of Expertise?

A hand getting out of a computer screen holding a mike
E-mail marketing concept at a glance

We are adept at almost every type of e-mail marketing and broadcast marketing. That’s why we are the best e-mail marketing company in Kolkata besides being the best SMS campaigning company in Kolkata.

Here are some of our core areas of expertise –

What Makes Shopizio Support The Best E-mail Marketing Company in Kolkata?

e-mail marketing icons like envelop, pencil, starts and others complementing e-mail marketing
E-mail marketing creative by the best e-mail marketing company in Kolkata

We firmly believe we are the best e-mail marketing company in Kolkata because –


So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with ShopizioSupport – the best e-mail marketing company in Kolkata too drive organic traffic and ultimately sales to your website.




Enlighten Your Customers with Engaging Contents
and Exciting Offers with E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an E-mail marketing campaign?

An e-mail marketing campaign is a series of e-mails a business uses to communicate with current and potentials customers. They are used to persuade customers to engage with the company. E-mail campaigns are an important part of inbound marketing. So if you are looking for the best SMS campaigning company in Kolkata, you can end your search here!

Where Can I Track The Progress of My Work?

After signing an agreement with us, we will send you the progress of your work every 15 days. We can provide you screenshots, or you can contact our inbound strategist 24X7 to see the different stages of your work.

Does Shopizio Support Require a Contract?

A basic agreement needs to be formed between Shopizio Support and you, where pricing and terms and conditions will be mentioned. A digital copy of the agreement will be provided to you over mail.

When should I Go for E-marketing Campaigns?

If you are planning to launch a new product/ service, you should start an e-mail marketing campaign. It will keep your clients updated.

What Is The Package of Your E-mail Marketing Service?

It differs from project to project. To know more about the pricing, give us a call or schedule a meeting with our inbound strategist, who will listen and understand your agenda and provide insight into your service package.

Run a Successful E-Mail Marketing Campaign and Build Trust among Your Customers

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