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Different icons of computer, coins, arrows putting together to enhance the concept of programmatic marketing.

Programmatic Marketing: The Future of Digital Advertising in Kolkata

Programmatic marketing is the art of automating the process of media buying in real-time. The primary goal is to create audience efficiency and improve ROI. At Shopizio Support, we feel programmatic marketing is the future of paid advertising on the web. That’s why?programmatic marketing in Kolkata?is becoming increasingly popular day by day.

If recent reports are to be believed, by 2022, 60% of the ad budgets on Google Adwords will be allocated for programmatic marketing.

Industry analysts believe that the majority of digital advertising spending will be done by programmatic marketing in just a few years time.

The only factor that is preventing programmatic marketing from taking over completely is the lack of knowledge of the marketers and reluctance to give up traditional ways of purchasing ads.

However, the fact of the matter is, programmatic marketing is not that difficult to understand. It has an automated bidding process and is way more effective than traditional methods.

At ShopizioSupport, we have a team of expert digital marketers who have detailed knowledge about PPC and programmatic marketing. You can entrust us with the responsibility of selling any product.


How Will It Revolutionize Online Advertising?

Laptop screen showing growth in marketing through light and dark blue arrows
Marketing Analytics

According to a recent report by Magna Global, programmatic advertising will take over online advertising completely in the coming decade.

Let’s now discuss how programmatic marketing actually work –

Initially, the publisher puts an advertising space for selling it in an ad marketplace. The ad marketplace then runs an auction among the advertisers who are interested in displaying an advert to a customer clicking on the page.

It may so happen that many advertisers are competing in this auction for running their advert. But, only the bidder paying the maximum amount is allowed to display the advert to the customers while the page is loading.

Since the page is automated and the maximum price that the customer is willing to pay is programmed, the auction gets completed in just a few seconds.


What Are The Benefits?

Well, you must be thinking how programmatic marketing in Kolkata will help flourish your business.

Digital marketing officials checking the analytics of site in iPad and phone.
An in-house meeting between Digital Markers

In this age of digitization, programmatic marketing is a gateway to a wide array of opportunities.

It will allow you to procure digital media without negotiating the price. This means you will have to pay only for the relevant impressions. The best thing is, you will have the complete liberty to sign up for a minimum number of impressions at a nominal budget.

Even, you will be able to buy digital media across a number of platforms in meager administration cost.

At ShopizioSupport, we believe programmatic marketing in Kolkata offer much greater opportunities than just making ad buying easy and flexible.

Since the bids in programmatic marketing are entirely arranged for every individual visiting the site, it helps us target a far greater number of people at a single instant.

In layman’s term, programmatic marketing helps us identify what each individual prefers and their buying pattern in the online world. It also helps us to post advertisements on sites that your customers would most likely visit and carry out a transaction.

Here are a few noteworthy benefits –


Why Trust Us For Programmatic Marketing Services?

Our reputation in the market as the best digital marketing company in Kolkata is the primary reason why you should hire us for availing programmatic marketing services in Kolkata.

-pad and phone screen showing together with the analytics graphs of a digital marketing project.
Analytics report of programmatic marketing

Here are a few additional reasons –


ShopizioSupport offers a wide array of affordable programmatic advertising solutions to advertisers and ad agencies and monetization solutions to publishers.

Get in touch with us today and know about our exciting products and updates.



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Frequently Asked Questions

In Simple Terms, What is Programmatic Buying?

Programmatic simply means automated. It is the automated buying and selling of adverts by means of software. This primarily includes taking instantaneous decisions about increasing or decreasing the bids.

Why Should I Avail Programmatic Marketing Services in Kolkata?

You should avail programmatic marketing services because –

  • Reduces CPC by almost 30% through proactive bidding based on predictive analytics.
  • Improves time efficiency and optimizes display ads as per the requirement.
  • Keyword-based filtering and tracking system help rank ads and measure ROI in real-time.

Does Programmatic Marketing Work for Small Businesses?

Programmatic marketing has overhead costs. Added to that, it requires a vendor who will understand your business goals and specific needs as a businessman. This might even involve customizing the existing tools to suit the needs of the business. So, it is completely independent of the size of the business.

Is Programmatic Really A Good Option for Online Advertising?

Well, the simple answer is yes! If the digital marketing company you are working with is knowledgeable enough to handle programmatic marketing, you will definitely enjoy a handsome ROI!

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