Here’s A 8 Step Website Redesign Checklist to Avoid High Bounce Rate

Feeling disheartened due to poor sales figure? Don’t know how to turn the red mark of your balance sheet into green? Well, then maybe it’s the high time to redesign the website.

It goes without saying that a website is a primary tool for conducting business in this digitized world. You believe it or not, keeping an old, slow-loading website in this fast-paced world will not earn you any profit.

On the contrary, it will increase the bounce rates and degrade user-engagement graph. To top it all, your Google ranking will be severely affected.

Recent studies have concluded that website redesigning considerably improves the UI and performance of a website. It further stated that Google gives preference to updated and redesigned websites and bolsters organic rankings.

Thus, if your sales figure is severely hit or the organic traffic of your website is terribly down, you must quickly redesign the website and give it a fresh look.

Here’s an 8 step website redesigning checklist that would surely bring back your lost glory in the online world.

1. Find Out What’s Working and What’s Not

Before redesigning your website, you must carefully analyze what you need, and what you don’t for your business. You must thoroughly interpret which parts need redesigning, and which parts don’t.

You can use the evergreen tool from Google, i.e. Google Analytics to decide which parts of the website needs redesigning. The page that isn’t generating enough traffic needs to be revamped immediately.

It’s no secret that web designing directly affects the SEO of your website. So, using Google Analytics to make an informed decision is definitely a smart move.

Create an excel sheet to analyze which pages aren’t getting visited and the CTAs that aren’t getting clicked before finalizing the design of your new website.

2. Optimize The Site-Loading Speed

Well, if you have made up your mind to redesign your website, you should first look forward to improving the speed and performance. If latest reports are too believed, an increase in the loading speed of a website from 12 to 8 seconds boosts sales and conversion by at least 74%.

Here’s what you can do to optimize your site loading speed –

The first thing that you can do is, compress the images that you have uploaded on your website. High-resolution images are one of the main reasons why your website is loading so slowly. There are a number of free tools available online which you can use to optimize the images. The good news is, it won’t affect the quality of the image.

Unnecessary coding is another reason why your website is loading so slowly. A lengthy, unnecessary code can increase the loading time of your website by at least 2-3 seconds.

Thus, it’s always better to eliminate redundant codes that are increasing the response time of the server and the website as a whole.

3. Make It Mobile-Friendly

With Google’s ‘mobile first’ update (released in the year 2015), it has become essential for every website owner to redesign the website.

Experts say, there is no need to develop a separate website for mobile. With proper redesigning techniques, you can turn any website into a mobile-friendly version.

But, don’t ever forget to redesign your website into a mobile-compatible version. Besides playing a crucial role in SEO, it also bolsters the organic traffic of the website.

According to Google, 68% of searches in the coming decade will take place from mobile devices.

To put it simply, you will miss out a lot of business opportunities unless you redesign your website into a mobile friendly version.

4. Ensure Easy Website Navigation

After mobile-friendliness, you should lay your emphasis on website navigation. In order to make your website user-friendly, you should ensure seamless website navigation. The simple objective is to help users navigate through the website without any glitch.

You can do this by placing a navigation menu either at the top or simply as a navigation slide. However, experts are in the view that a navigation menu displayed at the top is far better than a navigation slide.

Data suggests that visitors have a tendency of bouncing back from the websites which take more than 10 seconds to load and lack proper navigation buttons.

The top menu should comprise all the major headers with a drop-down symbol. This provides a delightful experience to the users while they are navigating through the website.

5. Create A Compelling Content Strategy?

No matter how beautifully you redesign your website, you won’t be able to make a difference unless you create compelling content or update the existing ones. What you need to understand is that the design and content of the website work hand-in-hand.

A compelling content strategy backed by excellent marketing techniques can propel your website to new heights.

Here’s what you can do –

  • Mark the old, outdated blogs.
  • Update or rewrite it for generating leads.
  • Set up a new publishing schedule based on consumer behavior.
  • Look at the content that is generating a lot of traffic, and then use it as a template for writing future contents.

According to industry veterans, revamping a website coupled with an impactful content marketing strategy can reduce bounce rate and improve the organic reach of your website.

6. Add CTA Buttons

CTA buttons play a major role in improving sales, and business performance as a whole. CTAs can be in any form, size, and context.

For example, if you include a submit button in the ‘contact us’ page, it will notify you via an e-mail about the message that your existing or potential client has dropped in.

Needless to mention, the main purpose of CTA is to analyze consumer behavior. Placing it on different pages help webmasters to get a deep insight into the buying patterns and browsing habits of the visitors.

7. Include Social Media Buttons

There’s no point in creating a beautiful website and creating engaging contents without adding social media plugins. It has often been noticed that while touring through the website, the visitors directly visit the social media channels.

Their main motive is to learn about the activities and marketing campaigns that the company is currently involved in.

You can try including the social media buttons either at the top or at the bottom. Expert front-end designers say it is better to add the social media buttons at the bottom because the upper section is meant for the company’s logo, contact information, and menu headers.

Remember: Add only those social media plugins you are active in, with catchy one-liners to grab user’s attention.

8. Mention Contact Information

Surprisingly, there are many active websites that do not display contact information.

Just think, if you do not include the contact number or email id how will someone searching for the goods/ services you have on offer contact you?

Data suggests, near to 44% of the total visitors bounce back from the website if the contact information is not found.

If you haven’t included in the first version of your website, make sure to include it while redesigning. You can place it either at the top of the homepage or in large fonts in the website footer. You can choose it as per the design layout.

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